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Nartan (Michael) Heib

Consultant - Europe

Born in Germany, Nartan has spent his entire professional life in music education. He is the founder and director of the renowned Musikschule Bad Karlshafen e.V. and creator of the world-famous classical music concert series ‘Rathauskonzerte’ (city hall concerts), a forum for international artists from five continents. Nartan built and managed an all-European workshop program, providing creative workshops in schools and social institutions in more than 700 towns and cities in 16 European countries, from Gibraltar to Siberia. Nartan's passion is to use music and dance in open, joyful, and dynamic workshops; and to work on humanitarian basics like respect, open-mindedness, trust, tolerance, self esteem, fearlessness, teamwork, and cultural diversity in order to help young people overcome their boundaries, fears, and limitations and develop their true human potential.

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