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We invite you to the next edition of Project1. A new season and a new song. Open your minds and souls as we take the journey together. Inhale and exhale and let's begin.

Music speaks to me and brings a perfect harmony,

More than ever we need a connection of living

and a purpose of giving,

For today and all our tomorrows

We will believe and trust in each other to receive,

Wherever you are ... We are.

Wherever we are … You are.

Connected together yet worlds apart

and knowing we are in each other’s heart,

Dance and share your soul to be

and all your culture and traditions we will see,

In one beat, one moment, one life, one song…

We can all make a great change for the world to belong,

Sounds From The Heart is just the beginning…

For us to be one family together and all our new beginning.



how Project1 works:



Project1 is open to every dance team around the globe. We can't wait to dance with you!



Check out the Project1 song and choreo tutorial videos. Start practicing and filming with your crew!



Send us a video of you and your friends dancing the project1 choreography.



Join us for the World Watch Party! Together, we'll watch a global-mash-up of everyone around the world dancing together as one. 

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sign up by October 26.

Team leaders must sign up on behalf of their team. The email you use to sign up is the one we'll send the zoom link to for the World Watch Party in December. Team leaders may also share the zoom link with their dance team members.

We will follow up on email with instructions for next steps and your assigned team number. Please add to your contact list so nothing ends up in spam!

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start dancing.

Follow all the instructional materials below and begin practicing with your team.


"Sounds from the Heart" is a Heart Global original - written, performed, and recorded by our very own Heart Global team of artists.

To listen to and download the song, you must first be a registered participant. After registering, you will receive the password and link to the participants-only page which contains the downloadable song.


The opening and ending sections are choreographed by Heart Global. Everything in between is up to you! For that middle section, create your own choreography, choose your location, wear whatever you like! Express whatever you feel in the music, challenge yourself, and try out new ideas.


Our social media pages will be a guide and community resource on our journey together to the Global Watch Party. We'll share tips for planning team meetings, give advice on dance practice, and send out important messages from Heart Global.

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film it all.

Film behind-the-scenes, and film the final performance

Film the behind-the scenes (optional)

Film the real-life creative process of making your dance video. Everything from team brainstorm meetings and practice run throughs, to bloopers and just goofing around with your friends. We want to see your hard work, difficult moments, love, and energy! Please edit all behind-the-scenes footage into one video when you submit. 


Film the final dance performance

You don't need any special equipments for shooting -- You can take beautiful videos on your smartphone! Get creative on your camera placement, composition, angles, and editing. Remember to share your smile and energy with everyone out there watching. We're all cheering you on! Make sure to add your team's self introduction in the beginning of the video!


Here's Heart Global's Erick Spider Paul with some tips on shooting a great video:


To give you a reference for shooting and editing, here are a few videos JMC and Heart Global have made in the past. Remember, you don't have to be perfect, you just have to rise to a challenge and have a blast doing it!