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All about music. All about heart.

Love music? We do too! And we’re on a mission to bring more music, more fun, more joy, and more togetherness to people all around the world!


Travel the world!
Sing, dance, perform, 
and mentor the next generation of globe-connecting creatives.



Ready, set, shine.


Get ready to experience the world like never before. Our music outreach tours take our cast members to locations all around the globe, immersing them in the local culture while they develop leadership, interpersonal, teaching, and performance skills. Cast members stay with host families throughout their tours, further enhancing their cultural experience and providing many exciting opportunities for both personal and professional development.

With tours to places like Japan, China, Germany, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, and South Africa - adventure awaits around every corner!

If you love to perform, teach, travel and inspire - HEART Global may be just what you've been looking for!

Who can become a member?

Talented young singers, dancers, musicians, actors, and performers who love to travel, teach, learn, and grow! For more information, complete the form at the end of this page, and a team member will be in touch.

What about Covid-19?

During the global pandemic, tours have been placed on hold until it is deemed safe to resume travel. In the meantime, we are presenting global e-workshops. These digital workshops are helping to bridge the gap for people around the world who may be experiencing feelings of loneliness and social isolation. Our e-workshops provide a fun, safe, encouraging, and joyful experience that connects, empowers, and uplifts.


What does it take to become a HEART Global Cast Member?


Passion, dedication, talent and commitment.

Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page to start the process for consideration. Applications are accepted and reviewed year-round. Acceptance and training are based on upcoming production needs and will occur on an on-going basis.​ Our next in-person cast training session will take place in summer 2022.

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