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Ira Kramer

Guest Tour Director

Born and raised in London, Ontario, Ira has traveled internationally as a performer and director for an educational outreach non-profit. After graduating from the University of Maine with degrees in Music Education and Performance, and working as an actor, musician, and educator at the Penobscot Theatre Company, Ira moved to NYC. He made his directorial debut with the Off-Broadway show The City Lights - NY Holiday Minute. Most recently, Ira has worked as an actor for The Argyle Theatre, The Penobscot Theatre Company, and The Weathervane Theatre NH. His favorite regional credits include Bright Star, Elf the Musical, Rock of Ages, Beauty and the Beast, and Ring of Fire. Currently, Ira works in development and advertising for the Penobscot Theatre Company and is co-composing a concept album and feature musical. @irockramer

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